What We Do


MCN is an independent, non aligned organisation which aims to provide support and help meet the needs for new and previous converts to Islam.

MCN is currently run by committee of 5 people, and 2 of the committee members are converts.

Why Do We Need MCN?

100s in UK converting into Islam every year, of those convert a huge proportion are leaving Islam

Reasons for leaving include:

  • Personal problems
  • Lack of Support
  • Lack of Direction
  • Confusion
  • Isolation
  • Responsibility of the community to provide support and aid retention

MCN Services

  • Social Network Services
  • Educational Services
  • Partnerships
  • MCN intends to meet these aims with the support of a volunteer group

MCN Social Network Services

  • Establish a community to welcome in new converts
  • Facilitate the meeting of fellow converts
  • To allow the sharing experiences and provide support
  • Buddy systems, Adopt a Revert
  • Database
  • Eid and Ramadan Programmes
  • Set up by MCN initially but intended to be run by community eventually
  • Supported by a website www.muslimconvertsnetwork.com
  • MCN Network Services

Support Line

  • 24 hour support given by volunteers
  • Separate lines for brothers/sisters
  • Again, MCN will look towards volunteers to help man these lines

Educational Services of MCN

Basic Teachings in Islam, which could cover:

  • Purity, Five Pillars of Islam, Six Articles of Faith
  • Teaching of Salah
  • Relationships with Non-Muslim families etc.
  • New Converts Packs
  • Includes Quran, basic Islamic book, prayer mat, compass, cap/headscarf, prayer book
  • Leaflet providing contact details of MCN representatives
  • Available at key focal points in the community (Mosques, key businesses, Islamic Bookshops)
  • MCN intends to consult converts to tailor these to specific needs


  • Services covered are just MCNs own ideas
  • MCNs intention is to consult with converts
  • Can set up services as required
  • Launch intends to gain feedback from the converts community
  • MCN intends to form partnerships with local Mosques to help raise awareness and gain access to converts
  • Finance

Financial Support required for:

  • Events
  • Set up and maintain Website
  • New Convert Packs
  • Publicity
  • Course Materials
  • Need community support to provide financial support to this project
  • Particularly interested in gaining corporate sponsorship
  • Individual Sponsorship also welcome
  • Standing Order forms available

Contact Us

Call Us: 07405400419