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Getting Connected in your Local Community

Get to know your community that helps you understand Islam, find the nearest mosque to your home, and where to learn the basics of Islam. Muslim Converts Network (MCN) is a one stop shop for new converts to Islam. We become your compass, pointing you in the right direction to help you quickly understand Islam and connecting you with the Muslims in your locality.

Support Network for New Muslims

Why Muslim Converts Network (MCN)? From the many that are converting to Islam in the UK, there are many who spend their early years of Islam without support from the Muslim community. MCN brings that support to new Muslims through Social Networking, Educational Services and Partnerships with other groups and organisations.

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What Other New Muslims Are Saying


I cannot thank MCN enough, may Allah reward all involved at MCN, they gave me support at a crucial time when I was at university, made me feel like I was family and to top it all off they organised everything for my wedding.

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As for the Quran, any decent translation will be sufficient, but choose one with simple English translation. Quran Project is what we recommend as it’s what we give as starter pack for new muslims. Another very good book is Islam, beliefs and teachings, by Gulam Sarwar. A collection of hadith is also recommended (Nawawis Riyadus Saliheen).

Alhamdulillah! Now starts the journey. Don’t try and do everything at once, and be sure what you are getting into. The first thing is to establish the five basic pillars in Islam. These are Testimony of faith, Prayer, Zakah, Fasting and Hajj. For more details on these, go the MCN download section and download the Muslim Essentials Guide. Also, find out if your local mosque has any projects running and go and get involved. The mosque is the best place to meet Muslims who will be prepared to help. Also, get in touch with MCN (go to Contact Us tab) and we can guide you through the basics.

MCN cannot stress enough the importance of maintaining a strong and cordial relationship with your family, it has proven to be the best means of Dawah. This may not be straightforward as they may feel that you have made a mistake and may even wish you to return to your old life. Islam teaches patience and you’re going to need a lot of it whilst dealing with your family. Take a day at a time, try to explain why you have accepted Islam and how Islam has made you a better person. Avoid confrontation at all times, it’s better to walk away and return when tempers cool. Golden rule: remember that your very person is an embodiment of your faith and you need to show how this faith has brought out the better in you.

Unfortunately not all mosques in the UK are geared to help sisters. Check on their website to see if they do have programmes set for sisters. If not, see if you can email or phone the mosque, explain you are a new Muslim and get the details of sisters that the mosque may be aware of. If you don’t have any success, contact MCN and if we know of anyone in your area, or a mosque you could approach, we will try and help you.